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Cognito Forms: Payment/Currency

Is there any way to change the currency? I am trying to make JPY (Japanese Yen) my main currency, since my business is in Japan.

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How to remove the “Powered by Cognito Forms” link at bottom

Anyway to remove the “Powered by Cognito Forms” link at the bottom? Sometimes people will accidentally hit that instead of submit and they lose the form and have to fill it out all over again.

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What does “status pending” mean in the Cognito forms entries?

In the Cognito forms entries, what does “status pending” mean and how does it change to complete?

I have notice that all entries are pending, even my test samples.

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Cognito Forms: Show a field based upon checkbox

Could someone tell me how to show a field based upon selections in a previous field that uses checkboxes?

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What measures does Cognito Forms take to ensure Privacy/ Security Level for Completed Forms/ User Data?

Some forms may contain confidential information - even something basic like where a person lives.

What measures do Cognito Forms take to ensure that data stored within its site is secure?

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Unique submission ID

Is there a Unique Submission ID for each completed entry and if so how do I pass that ID from the form to the confirmation page using Cognito parameterized redirect URLs (ie what's the Key and a Token)?

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Show Payment Summary line items on Cognito Forms of $0 values

I've been trying out Cognito Forms and I am unable to get the payment summary to show $0.00 values.

For example, in selling cookies, the first cookie is free, but $2 thereafter.

If customer selects only one cookie (therefore free, $0.00), it will still be shown as a line item on the payment summary. Currently $0.00 line items are not reflected onto the payment summary.

I know the moment the price is not $0.00, it'll be shown onto the payment summary as a line item.

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Centring logo in Cognito Forms

How do I center the logo at the top of a form? I've looked at the formatting options, but it seems to only allow uploading the logo, not centring or repositioning within the page.

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Is conditional logic limited to items in a section in Cognito Forms?

My question is about the behavior of conditional logic within sections.

How do you reference a field outside of the section? It does not show in basic editor, and I do not know how to access these via the advanced editor.

This is the error I get when I type in the name of a field inside another section using the advanced editor:

enter image description here

Replicating this in a field that is not in a section works just fine.

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Is there a size limit for Cognito Forms?

Is there a maximum size that the forms can be? I am creating a very large form and wonder if there will be any performance or loading issues as the form gets larger. Would it be better if I split the form into several smaller forms? What is your recommendation?

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Advanced “skip page” logic in Cognito Forms

Is there a way to skip from one page and have the user go to another? Example: Page 1 has yes/no field, if yes goto page 2 and if no goto page 3 and so on.

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Create post-event forms in Cognito allowing users to see what they entered in pre-event

We want to launch a form for an event where each participant has to fill in some individual information (input field) before the event. This individual information needs to be displayed to each participant again after the event (to reflect about it). Additionally more questions will display after the event.

Is this possible?

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Cognito Forms: Question about data received with Cognito forms, access to database

I would like to know:

  1. what happens to data introduced in the forms created with Cognito: are they destroyed?
  2. Does Cognito keep the data in a database and for how long?
  3. If I want to receive the database, is it possible?
  4. What are the security against hackers and how is Cognito dealing with these threats?

If we want to use Cognito forms (paid option) for business, thus with risk of having access to personal and potentially sensible data, these questions are really critical.

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How to add CAPTCHA on a Cognito Form?

I want a CAPTCHA on my form to prevent spam. How can I get it since it is not in the tools?

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Pay for Cognito Forms annually instead of monthly

Is there any way to pay yearly instead of monthly? The web page that shows up for payment only offers a monthly option, but my company requires a 1 time yearly payment for subscriptions.

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