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Creating a filter in Gmail that applies more than one label

I've been using Filters for a while in Gmail but have always been wondering if such a feature is available. Is it possible to somehow have a Gmail filter apply more than one label?

As you can see below, the filter setup page only allows choosing one label:

alt text

If it turns out that it is impossible to specify more than one label, I guess I'll just have to create duplicate filters.

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How to add filter and label to group in Gmail contacts?

I have my Gmail contacts sorted into groups. In my mail I also have labels associated with filters-for specific people I have a filter associated with a label.

For the filter creation, how do I associate a filter with a group in the 'contacts'. In other words, 'family' which is a group label in my contacts; rather than the list of email addresses?

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Gmail Filter on Email starting with '!' deleted everything

I tried to create a filter to trash all emails from (! - an email address used by my school to spam us.

After applying the filter to all my old messages, it trashed everything. I guesse the filter system reads a '!' as "not".

Can I roll back the change - or do I have to restore ALL my trashed emails (over 1000) to get back the 500+ that were incorrectly trashed.

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Forward only important mail in Gmail

Is there a way to forward (or to get in any other way) the important mail as they arrive (or shortly after that) from the priority inbox to another mail account without forwarding the unimportant mails?

I have tried to create a filter with is:important but I get a warning message that the filter will not apply to incoming mail and sure enough the defined actions don't get triggered if an important mail arrives.

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Filtering Gmail for emails that include a plus sign

I know you can filter emails in Gmail by utilizing plus signs (e.g., But is there a way to filter for the opposite - that is, include emails in gmail only where a plus sign is included (and regardless of what it is)? E.g., only show or, but not

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How can I filter my Gmail messages that aren't labeled?

I'd like to sort all of my Gmail messages that don't have label, so I can process them (I miss some every now and then). I can sort by every label by clicking on it at the left, but how do you sort the unlabeled ones?

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How can I reorder Gmail filters?

I have more than 20 filters, how can I easily reorder them?

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Is it possible to create a Gmail filter that works on headers other than From, To, Subject?

I've forwarded one of my really old email addresses to Gmail. I'd like to create a filter so that any mail to that old address is always labeled properly in Gmail.

I can create a Gmail filter with the "To: " containing that address, but that doesn't catch all mails to that address, only the ones that are explicitly addressed. Often, there is spam where somebody else is the explicit recipient, and my old address was simply Bcc'd. The "To: " filter doesn't work.

What I'd like to do is filter on the "Delivered-To:" header. Is that possible with Gmail or am I stuck with the three standard options of From, To, Subject?

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How to specify "OR" conditions for Gmail filter

How can I filter messages in Gmail using boolean OR conditions? For example, I can specify addresses in the To: or From: fields, but this only matches emails that meet both criteria. How can I match emails that meet one or both criteria?

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In what order are filters processed in Gmail?

If I have multiple filters that match the same email do they all get processed? If so, in what order are they processed? What if the first filter matched modifies the email to make it match (or no longer match) a different filter?

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How do I execute a filter in Gmail for the current email in my inbox?

I know how to create a filter and once it's created it will execute this filter on all incoming mail. However is there a way to execute this filter on what I already have received?

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In Gmail, can I base my "send from" address on a filter?

In short: In Gmail, is there a way to let the "send from" address change automatically depending on which of my accounts it was sent to?

In long:

I recently joined a team (of developers) and they provided me with an email address on their domain (for if I have business with a client or something).

  • Anything sent to is forwarded by the mail server
  • I'm using Gmails "send mail as" functionality to send email through
  • I receive emails and I can send them, so that works
  • I have my default "send as" address setup as, which I would like to keep since I send 90% of my mail through there.

Now I'm wondering how to do the following, if at all possible:

  • when I receive an email at (as opposed to, and I reply to it, my "send as" address will change automatically to
  • I can do it manually, but I know I'm going to forget sooner or later, confusing the hell out of people since the team lets me use a pseudonym.

I hope my question makes sense, and I'm sure it's easily answered by a "no, not possible" or "yes, option X in tab Y".

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Create a Gmail filter for Calendar Notifications

I'd like to create a Gmail filter to filter all of my Google Calendar notifications into a separate folder.

Google Calendar notifications have headers that look like the following:

Reply-To: Helen Seu <>
Sender: Google Calendar <>
Auto-Submitted: auto-generated
Date: Thu, 01 May 2014 05:25:28 +0000
Subject: Updated Invitation: Mobile design review @
 Fri May 9, 2014 3pm - 4pm
From: Helen Seu <>
To: "Mike Burton" <>, 

In particular, the email Reply-To is the user who created the meeting, and the Sender is

For some reason, Gmail does not seem to allow you to filter on the Sender field of an email. Is there another clever way to filter Google Calendar notifications to a separate folder?

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Search for “!” in Gmail subject

Does anyone know if in Gmail you can search all messages that have an exclamation mark in the subject?

I would like to create a filter that adds a red ! label to the messages that have an exclamation mark in the subject. But searching for subject:! results in all messages. I've tried things like /!/, /\!/, (/\!/), "!", but all these searches just give me all messages, not just those with ! in the subject.

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Using a custom star type with a Gmail filter

I have set up a Gmail filter that marks all incoming mail from a certain mailing list with a star. Right now, the filter automatically applies the standard yellow star. How can I set it to use the blue star instead?

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