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How do I protect my Google/Gmail account?

I have seen lots of horror stories of people who have lost control of their Google account, especially Gmail.

How can I prevent the same thing from happening to me? What steps can I take to protect my account before I lose control of it?

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Automatic logout of Gmail

Gmail is logging me out of all of my mail accounts with the following alert message:

You have been signed out of this account.

This may have happened automatically because another user signed in from the same browser. To continue using this account, you will need to sign in again. This is done to protect your account and to ensure the privacy of your information.

I have two factor turned on for one of the accounts I am getting punted from. Googling the error has not turned up anything overly enlightening. Aside from clearing cookies and cache suggestions for a fix?

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Should I give Google my phone number?

Gmail is bothering me lately with this message:

Hey, this is important: We don't have a password recovery email address or phone number for your account. If you lose access, we may not be able to help you.

It is common to use the recovery email address to gain access to another account, and same can be said on the mobile phone.

Should I supply Google with these details? What if my phone is stolen, can I inform Google of that change?

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Separate my YouTube Channel from my current Google Account

I created a YouTube account linked to my Gmail account.

Now, I wish to separate them. The YouTube account is for a small business, and I would like it to have its own email and for other people to be able to login.

Is that possible, or do I have to delete and start again?

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How do I change my default account with Google multiple sign-in?

After I enable multiple sign-in, and login to multiple accounts, I see that one of them says "(Default)". How do I change which of the accounts is the default one?

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How to find a list of sites that I've authenticated with using my Google OpenID?

I use Google's Profile feature when logging into sites that support OpenID.

Is there a way for me to get a list of all the websites that I have logged into using my Google Profile as my OpenID.

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How do I recover my Google account (or Gmail) password or username?

I have forgotten the password or username for my Google account, or I'm unable to access my account for other reasons.

How can I recover my account?

(This Q&A is meant as a general description for all Google and Gmail username/password questions. See: Do we need a canonical "I have forgotten my Google username and/or Password" answer?)

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Can I have multiple Gmail accounts associated with Google+?

I have two accounts that I wish to have associated with my Google+ profile. Meaning that I would like to be able to sign into either account, and have access to the same Google+ profile. Is this possible? And if yes, how?

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How do I Log out of Google Accounts, one at a time?

I volunteer for many organizations, earning me several Google accounts to manage. The Multiple account sign-in feature built into Google is wonderful, except when I click Sign out, its signs out of all my accounts at once.

Is there a different way to just sign out of one account at a time? If there is, I can't seem to find it.

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Can I change my Gmail email address?

I have a stupidly long email address on Gmail and would like to get it changed, or even just get a new one, but I can't see how. As soon as I log in on Google it knows who I am and signing up for a new email doesn't work.

Is there a way to get my email address changed or get a new one that I can then switch to?

Edit 2 July 2010:

I need to clarify the question because I haven't had an answer to what I want to achieve. I want to change the primary address on my Google account ( When I click the link to edit "Email addresses", the primary email is shown without an option to switch/change it. When I try add a new Gmail email address, it says

"You cannot associate a Gmail address with your Google Account."

I want the primary email address on my Google account to be a shorter Gmail email address so that I can eventually retire the existing email address.

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How do I untrust a computer with Google two-factor authentication?

I use Google's two factor authentication to send my phone text messages with a string of 6 numbers every time I log into a computer that isn't mine. It has worked well so far until today.

Today, I took too long to enter the code, which would be fine normally... except I clicked through faster than I should have and realized shortly after that the "trust this computer" box was checked the second time through. I took a look through the options for my Google account and saw no obvious place to revoke the trust.

This is absolutely not a computer I want trusted for any extended amount of time.

How do I untrust a computer from Google's two-factor authentication?

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Google Apps Account vs Google Account

Might be a strange question but...

I run a google apps account for my own domain for myself and family members for email, calendar and contacts. Email

I have found that when it comes to using other useful google services such as iGoogle, Google Reader, etc that it requires you to log in using your Google Account. A google apps account however is not a google account and then involves you signing up for a google account with your google apps email address.

This means that I now have an google account for which now has an empty calendar, contacts, etc. This becomes confusing when different google services keep you logged in next time you visit a page only to realise that when you go to calendar or contacts from the menu up top they are empty as you are signed in with your identical G-account email address rather than G-apps email address.

This may not seem like a big issue but I always run into problems when things say they support synching to google calendar yet don't end up working for google apps calendar even though to a user they are effectively the same thing. I'll enter my details and it will sync to my Google Account calendar rather than my Google Apps calendar.

Am I going about this the wrong way or is there no way to make your google apps account also your google account? It seems they are very separate yet should be integrated.

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How do I change the sort order of items in Google's top navigation bar? [closed]

I guess this certainly qualifies as a "first world problem", but recently the link to Google Reader disappeared from the top navigation bar across all my Google Account services (Gmail, Calendar, etc). Now the Google Reader link is an extra click away because it's under the "More" drop down:

enter image description here

I have seen some similar questions about adding custom shortcuts to the top bar using various browser extensions for Firefox or Chrome, but I don't want to do that. I was hoping there is a configuration setting somewhere that I'm just not finding.

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Does Google log your search to your Google account?

When I go and do a search while being logged in to my Gmail account (or Google account). does Google log that search to that specific account or will it only log that search to the browser?

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How can I figure out which apps have access to my Gmail?

I authorized a few apps to work with Gmail. I want to figure out which ones and revoke permission. Do you know where I can find the list of those apps?

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