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Permanently turn off new Google Maps and go back to old one

I found new Google Maps slow, useless (routes with only two points) and wrong. Is there any way, I can turn it off completely and go back to favored old Google Maps? Or is this — as with everything in Google — one way trip?

I found Google Help text on this matter, but it seems useless. I have the feeling, that it discuss something completely different. It says about lite indicator in bottom-right corner. I don't have something like that. And provided links, that should switch new Google Maps engine between WebGL and canvas-based, simply doesn't work. All of them opens new window with annoying advertisment about new maps.

I even tried pasing part of URL, they're talking about (force=canvas) into any URL that my new Google Maps uses. Of course without any luck.

So... is there any way, I can get rid of new Google Maps, once and permanently?

UPDATE: In these days (April, 2015) Google has announced, that soon new Google Maps will be the only one available. To my extremely negative surprise, this question will become invalid soon! :(

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Is there a way to export my starred locations from Google Maps?

I have hundreds of locations starred in Google Maps. I'd like to export the list of them so that I can import them into other software, like Google Earth or map applications on my Android phone. Is there any way to do this other than manually clicking on them one-by-one?

If there's no official way, is there a workaround? Google Maps for Android can access the starred locations, so maybe there's a way to rip them out of its database files? Maybe some other software that can access it?

This is very similar, but I am asking about Starred locations, they aren't in My Maps.

They recently changed it so that starred locations are listed along with other locations under "My Places", but I still don't see a way to export.

enter image description here

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Create a Google maps link to a specific location

I'm looking to create a link to a specific location using latitude and longitude for positioning, however I would also like to be able to add a marker onto the map as well, at the same location.

This is not using the Java or Static maps API, just want a link pointing at

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In Google Maps, how do I find out the latitude and longitude of a point?

I am interested in finding the latitude and longitude of a point on a map. How do I do so in Google Maps?

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Why is Google maps enforcing the "sensor" parameter?

The Google maps geocoding API has a sensor parameter that is mandatory in V3:

sensor (required) — Indicates whether or not the geocoding request comes from a device with a location sensor. This value must be either true or false.

requests without it are denied:

"REQUEST_DENIED" indicates that your request was denied, generally because of lack of a sensor parameter.

Why is this? Why do they want to know so badly whether the request comes from a client with a sensor or not?

Is it for statistical reasons, or to be able to provide services in the future?

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Why does Google blur out the name on this street sign?

I was searching StreetView in the UK for a particular road sign but when I got to the location I saw this:

blurred street sigh

Why has Google blurred out the street name, but only one part of the street name?

Other views haven't blurred out the name, but in those the sign is either further away or more edge on.

I can't be for privacy reasons - after all knowing where you are is the point of Street View.

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How can I find out when a particular Google Streetview scene was shot?

Looking at scenic roads, I think it would be quite interesting to know when the Google Streetview took the particular photo. In the linked example, it would give me an impression of possible snow conditions in a particular place at a certain time of the year.

Is it possible to find out the (approximate) date for which this scene was taken? If yes, how?

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How can I measure distance in Google Maps?

How can I measure the distance between two points in Google Maps? I just can't find any solution for it!

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How do I rotate a google map?

Sometimes I wish to rotate a map, I can do this with scribblemaps, but it is more of a drawing tool then a plain map view. Is there a better solution?

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Is there a way to customize foot speed for Google Maps Transit directions?

I often use transit directions to get around, but sometimes I'd rather run five minutes to catch up to a bus instead of waiting where I am for 15 minutes for the next bus.

Google Maps transit directions seem to assume a foot speed of about 10 minutes per km (16 minutes per mile).

Does anyone know how I would go about customizing this speed so that I can get to my destinations as fast as possible? I have some programming experience so I could use their APIs if necessary. I just don't know where to start.

The Austin Public Transit website allows you to specify slow, medium, or fast walking speed. I'd like to do something similar, but all over instead of just in Austin.

I've looked at the Google Directions API but it doesn't seem to have any sort of speed variable.

EDIT: Apparently Google uses variable speed, so a direct input of speed wouldn't be possible, but it would be nice if I could tell Google Maps transit directions to take their calculated walking time and cut it in half, for example.

Illustrative Example

It's 9:50am. I'm at the park when I realize that I need a cinnamon bun as soon as humanly possible. This craving is so strong that I am willing to run at a speed of 7 min/km to get to my tasty pastry. Is it quicker if I take advantage of public transit?

Option 1. On Foot Only

Google says "Walk 3.9 km, 48 min". It's easy to calculate that for me it's "Run 3.9 km, 27 min". In other words, I'll be enjoying sweet cinnamon goodness at 10:17.

Option 2. Transit Directions

If I follow the directions, I'll get off at a stop near the mall at 10:23. Again, assuming I'm really quick, it'll only take me 4 min from the stop to the mall, meaning I'll get to indulge at 10:27.

So I should run, right? Not necessarily. After some digging, it seems that I can get to the mall even earlier than 10:17.

Secret Option 3: Catch an Earlier Bus

According to the Transit schedule, Bus #43 comes every half hour. Google showed catching #43 at 10:27 as one of the options but it turns out I can probably make it in time for the 9:57 bus. With this bus, I'll get off at a stop near the mall at 10:12 and be there by 10:16.

Things get even more complicated when there's transfers involved.

Also, I'd like this to be automated because I get these sudden cravings often. No time for manual calculations and corrections!

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How can I add multiple destinations in new Google Maps?

Just been on the new Google Maps (the online, desktop browser based, Google Maps), and did a route planner from A to B. However, I want to add in a pickup along the way (just like could be done in the classic maps). How can I do this?

As an example, here is a route from Birmingham to London, where:

A = Birmingham
B = London

How can I make it so for example:

A = Birmingham (start point)
B = Peterborough (pickup point)
C = London (end point)

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How do I get a 3D building added to Google Earth / Maps?

I noticed that there wasn't a 3D model available for a particular location on Google Earth. I know how this building looks, so how would I contribute by making a model of it?

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Search restaurants (POIs) along a route with google maps

This weekend I was on a 7h trip and looking for the next favorite restaurant along the route. All had was an android cell phone and a pretty slow internet connection. My first try was the hompage of that fast food company but that was not optimized for slow internet/cell phone So I gave a up after 10mins waiting.

My one and only test with google maps just showed the restaurants in the vicinity (off the route).

So if I plan a route with google maps or even navigate, is it possible to define a search for POIs along the current route (like for favourite fast food restaurants)?

Just realized that there's a workaround for a machine with sufficient screen size - just set the route on google maps and enter your favourite restaurants name in the search box. Maps will show all hits on the actual view, zooming in/zooming out will change the result list. So at home it's possible to quickly find POI's along the route (just because route and POIs are displayed on one map).

But this is not an option for a cell phone display - if I zoom out to look around 150 km ahead on the route, then the map and the results are far to small...

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Is there a way to return to satellite view with latest Google Maps?

With the new Google Maps integrating Google Earth and 3D into the web browser I'm experiencing some performance problems on my PC when I feel the need to look something up while processing power is diverted to tasks like compiling. Is there a way to do away with the Earth view and return to 2D satellite view? It seemed like a few weeks ago this was possible but nowadays I end up with Earth view all the time.

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Get driving directions at specific time of the day

Is there any service that provides accurate driving directions to a location at a specified time of the day? By that I mean the service should take into account the average traffic for that specific timeframe and route accordingly.

I am not looking for real time traffic. I want to be able to pre-plan my trip three days prior (in the evening)—the service should give me the best possible route on that day at that time.

Preferably looking for a service that works in Australia.

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