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How to delete all of the Instant Upload photos on Google+?

I managed to disable Instant Upload, but it already pumped hundreds of photos from my iPad to my Google+ account. I'd like to delete them en masse. I can't find a simple way.

I can drag a selection, but it's very slow to scroll down in Chrome (the pictures are big in the Instant Upload view, G+ slowly scrolls the selection down). I can't find a way in the iPad/iPodTouch version of G+ either... This thread addresses the issue, but I can't make sense of it (perhaps on the Android version it's obvious?).

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Is it possible to disable Google+ notifications of newly Instant Upload photos?

Is it possible to disable Google+ notifications of newly Instant Upload photos in the big red square at the top right corner of the Google pages?

I would prefer for Google Plus not to notify me about newly uploaded pictures to the Instant Upload folder.

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How do I format text, specifically text links, in Google+?

Does anyone know how I would go about putting formatted text in a stream update in Google+? Specifically I'm trying to put text links in a post, without having to show the URL or have the page information below what I write.

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Resizing photos in Google+ to standard size

Can I resize my uploaded photos in Google+ to standard size? I'm about to run out of Google Drive space and the standard size would be enough, but I can't find an option to resize the pictures. It would take so much time to reupload them with Picasa. If I can't, then is it possible that picasa resize and upload the pictures and replace the originals?

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How can I automatically move photos from Google Plus to Google Drive?

If I take a picture with my Samsung phone, the picture is automatically stored in Google Plus. Is it possible to move the photo to Google Drive automatically?

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When to post to "Extended Circles"?

Obviously I can post something to the "Public" circle and that will be visible in the stream of those who have me in any of their circles, and visible to strangers viewing my profile.

Also, I can post something to my "Extended Circles" and that will be visible in the stream of those who have me in any of their circles, and in the "Incoming" stream of their friends, but not visible to strangers viewing my profile unless they are in "Extended circles".

Under what conditions would it make sense to post to "Public" and "Extended Circles"? What does this achieve?

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What are all the formatting options for a Google+ post?

What is the markup language for creating posts (and responding to posts)?

I know of the following ones:

  • To make text bold, use stars around the text: *bold text*
  • To make text italics, use underscores: _italic text_

What else is there? Is there any way to insert bullet-lists? What about larger font sizes, etc?

Google+ is starting to become a blog of sorts, and having a fully featured markup language makes it very helpful for formulating useful and lengthy posts.

If no other native markups exist, is there any way to insert HTML? Ultimately, what are the various freedoms we have in making and replying to posts to markup the text?

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Can my Google+ contacts know in which circle I put them?

Is there any way for my contacts to know whether I have put them in circle "Close friends" or "Annoying acquaintances" ?

In Facebook, groups can be public. I could not see that directly on Google+, but maybe some APIs have access to it? Or is it something that Google considers as a an important privacy point?

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What is the equivalent of Twitter's @reply in Google+?

If someone leaves a comment on my post and I want to reply back to them, how can I make sure they get my reply? In Twitter you append an at symbol to the front of their name to create an @reply message. Is there an equivalent in Google+? If so, how do I reply to a specific comment?

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Can I stop Google+ from asking me to "Find my friends"?

It seems that whenever I visit Google+, I get a big long screen suggesting people to encircle, like this:

Is there any way to stop it from nagging me about this? Everyone it suggests is either not my friend or not at all active on G+, and it is a pain finding the little "Continue" button at the bottom every time.

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See the full list of posts, not external websites, +1ed in Google+

Where do I go to find a list or collection of all the posts in Google+ that I have ever marked with the +1 button?

The +1 tab on my G+ profile shows only web sites I +1'ed and not the posts that I plussed when reading my stream.

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Make old posts visible only for my circle on Google+

How can I make my old posts on Google+ visible only for those people I have added in my circle?

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Is there a way to join Google Hangouts without a Google+ account?

One of my friends insists that I should use Google Hangouts because it's so much better than Skype. I would like to give it a try, but I wouldn't like to create a Google+ profile for that. Is there any way (some website or URL hack, Android application, some third party desktop software that hacks it's way into the system) to try it without creating a profile?

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How do I connect Google+ with Twitter?

I want my Google+ account to be automatically updated when I post a tweet on Twitter.

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How can I download all photos from Instant Upload (Auto Backup)?

I've been uploading via Instant Upload (a.k.a Auto Backup) from my Android phone now for about a year. There are many photos and now I want to download them all to my computer. However, I can't download them all because they are not in an album and I can't move all to an album since there is no way to "Mark All/Every photo".

So how could I solve this?

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