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What are the best practices for structuring a large Meteor app with many HTML template files?

In all the examples (leaderboard, wordplay, etc.) they have one single HTML template file. Is there some large open source Meteor project with many different HTML template files we can use as a best practice example? Doesn't seem practical to put everything a large app needs all in one template file.

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What security mechanisms does Meteor have? [closed]

We all know that Meteor offers the miniMongo driver which seamlessly allows the client to access the persistent layer (MongoDB).

If any client can access the persistent API how does one secure his application?

What are the security mechanisms that Meteor provides and in what context should they be used?

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file is being assigned a //# sourceMappingURL but already has one

I just notice Firefox console outputs the following error for every single .js/.coffee file in my project (even the packages).

-file- is being assigned a //# sourceMappingURL, but already has one

Chrome's console doesn't show anything. I tried deleting all the .map files and clearing Firefox's cache but I'm still getting the errors.

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Is there a simple way to export the data from a meteor deployed app?

Is there a simple way to export the data from a meteor deployed app?

So, for example, if I had deployed an app named

How could I easily download the data that has been collected by that app - so that I could run it locally with data from the deployed app?

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Meteor support developing on Windows

Does Meteor support developing on Windows? I did not see any downloads or mention of Windows in the docs.

The "Quick Start" assumes you are on *Nix OS.

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What are (potential) disadvantages of using meteor.js? [closed]

I have just watched the meteor.js screencast and I'm quite blown away by how easy building a web application with it seems, in terms of live updates and database synchronisation. However, I am not sure of how well it would scale once it's live.

What problems (potential or real) could I have if I decide to build and deploy a web application written on meteor.js?

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How can Meteor apps work offline?

This is useful when:

  • the server is down and the client can't connect for real-time sync
  • there is no Internet connectivity
  • the user doesn't want to go online but wants to work with application;

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How to deploy a meteor application to my own server?

How to deploy a meteor application to my own server?

flavour 1: the development and deployment server are the same;

flavour 2: the development server is one (maybe my localhost) and the deployment server is another (maybe a VPS in the cloud);

flavour 3: I want to make a "meteor hosting" domain, just like "". Is it possible? How?


I'm running Ubuntu and I don't want to "demeteorize" the application. Thank you.

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How does the Meteor JavaScript framework work? [closed]

I came across Meteor and while it seems exciting, I want to know how it works. I mean conventional web applications work like this: You have scripts on server which take data from database and add that dynamically to web-pages and the user-submitted data gets added to databases through some other scrips.

But how do these things work in Meteor? How are different parts of Meteor related to each other?

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What should I put in a meteor .gitignore file?

I have a new meteor project. I'm guessing the .meteor dir has a combination of configuration files (needed) and temporary files (not needed).

So what's in your .gitignore?

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Meteor test driven development

I don't see how to do test driven development in meteor.

I don't see it mentioned anywhere in documentation or FAQ. I don't see any examples or anything like that.

I see that some packages are using Tinytest.

I would need response from developers, what is roadmap regarding this. Something along the lines of:

  • possible, no documentation, figure it out yourself
  • meteor is not built in a way that you can make testable apps
  • this is planned feature
  • etc

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Can Meteor be used with PhoneGap?

Can a Meteor template be packaged up and deployed as a PhoneGap application?

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How does Meteor's reactivity work behind the scenes?

I have read the docs and looked at the source behind reactivity, but I don't understand it.

Can someone explain how this works behind the scenes, as it looks like magic to me :).

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How would one handle a file upload with Meteor?

What would be the canonical way to handle a file upload with Meteor?

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How to use the existing mongodb in a meteor project?

Let's say there is a running mongodb server for a GUI client (by wxPython) for a while. If we are gonna play with meteor with this mongodb server, how to do that?

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