Three20 is an Objective-C library for iPhone developers

Are there libraries similar to the Three20 Project for Android?

The Three20 project is really nice for building iPhone apps quickly using common libraries:

Is there anything like this for Android?

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How to remove Three20 from the project

Adding Three20 in your project has been made simple by the script file. I was initially planning on using it in my project but i'm not, so i want to clean my project by getting rid of it. How can i remove it from my project?

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How to make the blue bar on the top disappear for tttableview with list datasource (program running on ios 5 beta)

There is a blue bar appearing on the top of my tttableview when the program is running on ios 5 beta, it was not there if I run the program on ios 4.3. The table is configured to use a list datasource. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Is it the tableview api changed in someway for ios 5? Thanks.

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How can I make clickable links like the Twitter and Facebook app? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate:
How to make an expression clickable on iOS?

On Twitter and Facebook, usernames like @ and hashtags like # are clickable, and do something native within the app.

What is the best way to implement something like this? It would be nice if there was a drop in replacement for a UILabel for example.

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Couldn't load a xcode project because it is already opened from another project or workspace

I have a project that has one target dependency. The target dependency is dependent on a framework called Three20.

The dependency tree looks like this.

   -> myCustomFramework
         -> Three20

When I tried to build and run I get the following error message.

Workspace Integrity Couldn't load Three20.xcodeproj because it is already opened from another projet or workspace.

I have only one project open. Any suggestions on why I am getting this message?

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Monotouch Three20 app launcher or bindings

From what I've read about btouch; the bindings are not complete for three20.

Is there a project that provides either bindings for the Three20 app launcher or a pure MonoTouch implementation of a launcher UI element?

enter image description here

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TTViewController and popupViewController method

I'm using a TTLauncherView and for that I declare a view controller as TTViewController, as is in TTCatalog tutorial app. Declare a TTLauncherView var inside that view, add items, and so on.

In my app's main view is a button calling the previous view with the following code:

-(void) switchToButtonOrderingView
    ButtonOrderingViewController *ButtonOrderingView=
    [[ButtonOrderingViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"ButtonOrderingViewController" bundle:nil]; 
    self.ButtonOrderingViewController = ButtonOrderingView; 
    [self.view insertSubview:ButtonOrderingView.view atIndex:10];

When I press the button the app brakes up at this method which belongs to TTViewController.m:

- (BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation {
  UIViewController* popup = [self popupViewController]; //brakes up here
  if (popup) {
    return [popup shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:interfaceOrientation];
  } else {
    return [super shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:interfaceOrientation];

and the error goes like that:

[ButtonOrderingViewController popupViewController]: unrecognized selector sent to instance

Checked to see Three20 Class Hierarchy and TTViewController is a UIViewController subclass.

popupViewController is a TTPopViewController (and its subclasses) method! Which I'm not using nor do TTCatalog tutorial app. I'm lost. Any help will be appreciated.


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Extend TTPhotoViewController with custom TTPhotoView

I have successfully integrated the three20 framework in my project, and I have extended the TTPhotoViewController to add some further functionality.

Now I need to add some subviews to the TTPhotoView loaded by the TTPhotoViewController. In particular I would like to add that subviews after every TTPhotoView as been loaded. These subviews represents sensible area over the image so they should scale proportionally with the image. The user can tap a subview to get extra info about the image.

I don't know how to implement this behavior. Should I extend the TTPhotoView and make sure that the TTPhotoViewController use this extended version instead of its TTPhotoView?

Could someone point me to the right direction? Thank you

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toSharedViewController not re-using existing controller

My URL map is as follows:

[map from:@"tt://webPage/(initWithPage:)" toSharedViewController:[WebPageController class]];

and in the WebPageController

- (id) initWithPage:(WebPage)page
    if (self = [super init])

Then I called the url several times in my code

tt://webPage/1 (still called the initWithPage: everytime, not cached)

Why it is not cached as it is a SharedViewController?

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Three20 competitors/alternatives

I see three20 a very powerful lib, spicily because Facebook and Twitter use it. I just want to know if there are any competitors/alternatives for Three20? or even simple.

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Strange layout issue on 3GS device with iOS 4.2.1 - Compiled with iOS 5

We had a strange bug report from a user who has iOS 4.2.1 on an iPhone 3GS. A lot of the UITextLabels in the app are offset at strange locations. Has anyone else come across this issue.

The app is laid out correctly on all devices we have tested on and we have only heard of this issue from 2 users out of over 100,000.

This could be related to Three20 styles.

misaligned text

enter image description here

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View controller is drawing under my navigation bar after popping ttthumbsviewcontroller

I'm implementing the TTThumbsViewController from the Three20 project and things are finally starting to take shape. I push the TTThumbsViewController from the current view controller by just pushing it onto the current stack and animate the transition (common navigation controller push).

My problem is that when I pop the TThumbsViewController view controller, the navigation controller is stuck in a mode where its view controllers are drawn UNDER the navigation bar (which is now translucent).


alt text


alt text


alt text

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TTThumbsViewController + navigationController issue

I am only using Three20 for a gallery in my app.

When I push my .. : TTThumbsViewController from another view, the navigation bar is not the color I want it to be (as per the rest of my app). I have set up a TTDefaultStyleSheet as per this stackoverflow QA. Is there something special I have to do as I am only using the TTThumbsViewController?

The thumbs view is also created with extra space at the top, as though it is leaving room for a navigation controller, without knowing that one is already there. How can I tell the TTThumbsViewController to use the existing uinavigationcontroller? Or behave as though it is?

MYThumbsViewController *mYThumbsViewController = [MYThumbsViewController alloc];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:mYThumbsViewController animated:YES];

The problem depicted graphically:

alt text


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Are Facebook and Path using an open source library for their root navigation UI?

The latest update to Path includes a root navigation UI that is strikingly similar to the one Facebook included in v4 of their app a few months ago. Is there an open source version of this implementation or did Path build it from scratch? It doesn't appear that Three20 got an update from what I can see in their documentation.

enter image description here

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Three20 v1.1 and Xcode 4

Is there an easy way of getting Three20 v1.1 to work under xCode 4? I followed the steps on but that seems to be for the master. I use v1.1 as I use the TTLauncher.

The project builds fine with a normal build, and runs perfect on an iPhone. But when I want to create the archive (for the IPA for distribution) then I get 18 errors and 8 warnings.

The first one is:

../scripts/Protect.command: line 23: cd: /Users/XXX/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/iDoms-cmyivarwxpbvqdfnyclqdrikrtmw/ArchiveIntermediates/iDoms/BuildProductsPath/Release-iphoneos/../three20/Three20UICommon: No such file or directory

Most others are 'no such file or directory' on e.g.: #import "Three20Core/TTGlobalCoreLocale.h"

or 'undeclared (first use of function)' which comes from the 'no such file or directory issue I presume'.

In my 'Header search paths' I have:


Any help would be very appreciated!

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