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How can I import a large list of tasks into Trello

How can I import a large list of tasks (.csv or .txt) into Trello and convert into cards that are part of a list

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How do I print a list in Trello for offline use?

I would like to print an entire list in Trello for offline review. How do can I do this?

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What is the meaning of the little colored boxes (badges) on avatars in Trello?

My avatars have little little colored boxes in the lower right corners, sometimes yellow or green. Under the Members list I also have a blue box - I guessed this was an "owner" indicator.

I didn't see anything about these in the documentation.

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How do you handle dependencies between cards with Trello?

I was wondering how people handle dependencies between cards in Trello.

If one of the cards needs to be Done before work can begin on another one, what do you do? These cards are big features, each having a checklist and different people working on them.

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How can I mark a card in Trello as done and keep it in the original list?

Is there a way to mark a card as done without moving it to a list named "done"? I'd like to keep the card in the list but show that it is done.

We love using Trello. I am using it with a bunch of pastors to develop and project manage the work for weekly messages.

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How do I remove a sticker in Trello?

How do I remove stickers from cards in Trello?

Adding stickers in Trello is easy enough. Just drag them over from the stickers at the right:

Opening the stickers menu item

Stickers menu item and a card where a sticker has been added to

However, how can a sticker be removed again?

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Is there a way to use Trello offline?

Sometimes I work on a bus or in places, where I can't use internet.

Is there a way to use Trello offline?

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Is Trello going to a pay model?

I'm loving Trello. I love the simplicity of it and how easy it is to build projects in it. I'm creating boards like crazy but I need to know that I'm not setting myself up for a heartache in the next few weeks/months when trello converts over to a pay model, I can't afford. Is trello converting to a pay model? I don't see anywhere that it costs anything. It's amazing and I want to keep using it.

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How do I delete a board in Trello?

Is it possible to delete a board in Trello? I see how to pin or unpin it, or add it to an organization. Best I can come up with is remove everyone else from it and set it to member visibility. Guess I could create a dummy user to assign deleted boards too.

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Outline of Trello used for Web Project / Design Management [closed]

Does anyone have a good layout for using trello in Web Project / Design management?

I've got a team spread over the world and would like to switch from Basecamp (I think) to something like Trello (easier, cheaper, obviously).

Watching the video gave me some ideas, but I'm still scratching my head about the best way to begin. In order for my team to embrace this, it'll have to be almost perfect from the beginning, so I don't want to mess up :)

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How do I change date and time formats in Trello?

How do I change the formatting of time and dates in Trello?

I'm looking to change the following:

  • time presentation to 24 hour clock instead of 12
  • date format to DD/MM/YY instead of MM/DD/YY?

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How can I resize the column width of list in Trello?

How do you resize the column width of a list in Trello?

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How do I delete an organisation from Trello?

I have made three organisations in Trello and I only need the one.

At the moment I am the only member of any of them.

How can I delete an organisation that I've created?

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How do I report bugs for Trello?

I am having quite a few problems with Trello at the moment, and my peers at work are finding the experience less than optimal.

I see a great future in this product and I would like to help in any way I can.

Where can I report bugs and issues, and or start conversations?

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Add a Hyperlink to a Trello card

I have recently been exploring the new web application Trello and I want to add hyperlinks to a card.

Is this possible?

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